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• 7/15/2018


I know there's an option if you want to wed someone in game and I'm curious.
If you have chosen yes, please tell me who you're going to wed (and why?).
Did you wed someone?
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• 3/28/2018


Is there any way to turn down what happens in winter? 30 days of this isn't really what I was hoping for.
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• 3/24/2018

Importing to Harvest Festival Wiki

Hello to all who edit the Farming Valley wiki, it looks absolutely stunning! However I would like to call to attention the nearly-empty Harvest Festival wiki, which I am trying to update recently, and the fact that 99% of the information on your modpack's wiki comes from this mod in particular! If you'd like to help us out, please feel free to make some edits to the Harvest Festival wiki as well! It's such a shame to see the mod that provides the backbone to this modpack have so many bereft pages on its wiki! Thank you in advance for your help!
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