Beekeeping is a feature added with the Forestry mod which is included with the Farming Valley modpack.


How do I get bees? Edit

Players can get bees by buying the Scoop from Jenni (Buying a Bee Smoker also helps!) and finding a Beehive out in the wild. By breaking a hive, players can get a Princess and 1 - 2 Drones of that type from breaking a Hive, with a chance of Valiant bees and honey comb. These are the various beehives:

Meadows Hive, spawns on the ground and is a orange colour.

Marshy Hive, spawns in the Swampland biome and is a green colour.

Forest Hive, spawns in trees, can be high up if it is a tall tree and is white in colour.

Tropical Hive, spawns high up in trees in the jungle and is brown in colour.

Modest Hive, spawns in deserts and is a traditional yellow beehive.

Wintry hive, can spawn in plains biomes but are usually in cold biomes and is a light blue colour.

How do I farm bees myself? Edit

Players can farm bees rather easily once acquiring them from breaking wild hives. Players can buy Bee Houses from Jenni for 10,000G, and players can craft the Apiary or the Alveary. However, this article mainly focuses on the Bee House.

Once you have your very own bees to farm go ahead and put the Princess Bee in the top left slot and the Drone Bee in the bottom left slot. The bees will breed and create a queen which will go in the top left slot, if the bees are of different types or have ancestors of a different breed (For example, a Tropical Princess and a Meadows Drone breed and have a Meadows Princess who breeds with a Forest Drone, the queen could be a Tropical, Meadows or Forest Queen, although a Tropical bee would be less likely due to genetics.) The queen will provide Honey Comb or any special comb that their species makes. Upon the Queen Bee's death, she will provide a princess and 1 or 2 drones to continue breeding with. Be aware that if the queen is not in the right habitat (ie. Wintry Queen in a Desert), not having the right flowers nearby, not being the right time of day or the biome being not enough/too humid the bees will not work. The Alveary and certain upgrades can mitigate habitat and humidity requirements.

Are there other types of bees? Edit

Yes, with an Apiary or Alveary you can make mutations.

Parent A + Parent B = Child A

Child A can be Parent A, Parent B, Ancestor A, B, C, D etc or Mutation A

There is a very long list of bees that you can make from mutations.

What bee items can I sell? Edit

You can sell the bee's