Candice sells inventory pets and is distant friends with Jenni, despite living with each other. Johan is also a resident with Jenni at Candice and Jenni's General Store. Her inventory pets can offer various abilities. She can often be found on her bed on the top floor of the General Store and inside the Animal Ranch once it has been built.

According to Jenni, she and Candice used to be close friends, but they drifted apart. The only reason they live together is that Jenni can't pay the rent on her own. It's unknown how Johan fits into this.

Friendship Edit

Candice takes the following gifts

  • Milk (Favorite)

You can marry Candice. Once you get the heart to red with gifts, use a Blue Feather.

Hours Edit

Candice sells pets Monday-Saturday 10:00-13:00

Products Edit

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