The Carpenter's Hut is the first pre-fab building in the game. You get the blueprint after completing the Harvest Goddess' first quest. This quest is begun by talking to her a second time during your first summoning. 

The Carpenter's Hut is a small building that houses two NPCs, Yulif and Jade. Yulif is the carpenter for your town, and will sell blueprints for various buildings necessary to go from empty field to the hustle and bustle of a thriving little village. Yulif requests various amounts of logs, stone (not cobblestone), and gold for these blueprints. Jade is responsible for providing you with your first seeds, and will give you a bag of seeds for every five flowers you give her (must be five of the same flower). 

If you lose, or want to move your Carpenter's Hut, you can always give more wood to the Harvest Goddess.  

Hours Edit

Open 09:00 - 17:30, Sunday - Friday

Yulif's ProductsEdit

This table lists all of the buildings for sale from Yulif. Prices are in raw stone, raw logs, and gold. 

Other Products (incomplete)

  • Shipment Box 16 Oak Logs 0 G
  • Oak Wood 100 G
  • Stone 50 G
  • Red Bed 3 Oak Logs 500 G