Chickens are different in Harvest Festival than Vanilla Minecraft, and vanilla chickens will not spawn in the environment normally.  They must be bought at the Poultry Farm.

They eat Chicken Feed out of a Feeding Tray, and their eggs are laid in a Nest Box.  They eat Chicken Treats and regular Treats.

If you do not feed your chickens long enough, they will get sick (shown by a purple particle effect) and no longer produce eggs. You need to give them Animal Medicine to cure them.

If you want Vanilla eggs, you will have to trade some of your Harvest Festival eggs with Johan in the General Store.

Relationship Edit

Chickens give larger, more valuable eggs the more they like you. You can improve the relationship by picking them up (and putting them down again) once per day, letting them out when it is sunny, keeping them inside when it is raining or snowing, and feeding them Chicken Feed by hand (instead of using a feeding tray). Giving treats helps boost relationship too.

It is important to note that relationships are per person. If playing in multiplayer, if you want large eggs you will have to personally raise your relationship with the chickens.

Multiple Products Edit

Chickens will produce up to 5 eggs a day if you feed them treats. It takes 29 Chicken treats + 2 generic Treats per level up to a total of 5 products.

Offspring Edit

Eggs can be placed in an incubator and take a few days to hatch. The resulting chick will have 1/2 of the relationships of the parent.