Harvest Festival makes up the base of this modpack, and most of my "research" has gone into figuring out and recording information about it, as an official wiki has not been released yet.

Getting Started Edit

To get started you read your "How to summon a harvest goddess guide" and she tells you to something for her. If you complete her task you get the blueprint for the carpenters hut.

Items (Sell) Edit

Small Egg - 50g

Medium Egg - 60g

Large Egg - 80g

Small Milk - 100g

Medium Milk - 150g

Large Milk - 200g

Small Wool - 100g

Medium Wool - 400g

Large Wool - 500g

Fish Edit

Muskellunge - 150g

Perch - 100g

Mining Edit

Junk Metal - 1g

Copper Ore - 15g

Gold Ore - 35g

Silver Ore - 20g

Mystril Ore - 40g

(vanilla gems you can sell too)

Diamond - 25g

Emerald - 75g

Farming Edit

Beetroot = 75g, Autumn

Cabbage = 250g, Spring

Carrot = 120g, Autumn

Corn = 100g, Summer (regrows in 3 days)

Cucumber = 60g, Spring (regrows in 5 days)

Eggplant = 80g, Autumn (regrows in 3 days)

Green Pepper = 40g, Autumn (regrows in 6 days)

Hardy Turnip = 1g, Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter

Watermelon = 25g per part, Summer (regrows daily)

Nether Wart = 10g (should grow in the Nether, didn't work in creative mode for me)

Onion = 80g, Summer

Pineapple = 500g, Summer (regrows, but not fast enough to yield 2 harvests in single player)

Potato = 80g, Spring

Pumpkin = 125g, Summer (regrows daily)

Spinach = 80g, Autumn

Strawberry = 30g, Spring (regrows every 2 days)

Sweet Potato = 60g, Autumn (regrows every 2 days)

Tomato = 60g, Summer (regrows every 3 days)

Turnip = 60g, Spring

Wheat = 100g, Spring/Summer/Autumn

Cooking Edit

Bread - 85g