The Harvest Goddess is the god of Harvest Festival. To start your town you will need to summon her. You should have started with a book explaining the process, but it is also documented below.

When you talk to her the second time (you do not need to re-summon her unless she despawns), she will give you a quest for 24 wood (any kind) in exchange for the blueprints for the Carpenter's Hut. All other blueprints are bought from the carpenter, Yulif.

Eventually you will build the Goddess Pond, which comes with a few Goddess Flowers and can be used to summon her, but she can still be summoned in any water source.

Friendship Edit

The Harvest Goddess will enjoy the following gifts

  • Strawberries (favorite)
  • Most produce

She cannot be married.

Summoning Edit

To summon the Harvest Goddess, drop a Goddess Flower into a water source block. She will leave the flower behind when she leaves.

To make your first Goddess Flower, you will need 3 vanilla flowers, a clay flower pot, and 2 squares of water arranged as shown below. When you hit the clay pot with a stick multiple times, it will turn into your first Goddess Flower.

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