Hoes are used to till the soil before planting crops. Jade will give the player their first hoe. She will also trade the player for a Vanilla hoe until the Blacksmith is built, at which time the player can buy a new hoe if they lose theirs.

Upgrades Edit

Tools can be upgraded at the Blacksmith, with Copper Ore , Silver Ore, Gold Ore and Mystril Ore you have collected in the Mines. Cursed tools can also be found in the mines and Tomas will turn them into their blessed counterparts at the Church.

Charging the Tool Edit

Tools can be charged such that they have an increased range. To charge your tool to the next level hold down the right mouse button. To revert to the base level charge level, use shift + right mouse button. Tools can be charged up to a maximum level based on the materials used in it. For example, a silver tool is capable of the base charge, the copper charge as well as the silver charge. A mythic tool can be used at all charge levels.

Tool Level Range
Hoe basic Stone 1x1
Hoe copper Copper 1x2
Hoe silver Silver 1x3
Hoe gold Gold 1x4
Hoe mystril Mystril 1x6
Hoe blessed Blessed 3x12
Hoe cursed Cursed 3x12
Hoe mythic Mythic 5x18