Jade is a female NPC and a younger sister to Yulif who is spawned by creating the Carpenter's Hut. She provides you with your first bags of seeds, and can be found either in the upper floor of the Carpenter's Hut, or wandering outside. Once the Townhall has been built, she is normally found inside Cloe's room.

In the beginning, Jade will give out Hardy Turnips, a Watering Can, a Sickle, and a Hoe for a single flower. Later, Turnips can be obtained by giving her 5 flowers. She will also make the following exchanges before you get The Blacksmith, in case you lose your tools.

Friendship Edit

Jade likes the following gifts

  • Flowers (any kind)
  • Saplings(Favorite)

You can marry Jade. Once you get the heart to red with gifts, use a Blue Feather.

Jade gives the Toast and French Toast recipes for being her friend.