The Recipe Book can be bought at the Cafe. It is used to cook with. Using the book will open up an interface which shows all the recipes the player has learned. Recipes can be bought at the Cafe, with a different one available every season, every day of the week, or earned by befriending villagers.

When one uses the recipe book on a kitchen setup (Oven, Cooking Pot, Frying Pan, Food Mixer, or Kitchen Counter), the recipe book will allow the player to automatically place all ingredients at once, provided the player has the necessary ingredients in their inventory. Note that the kitchen setup must have the necessary items, in a correct setup.

  • The Food Mixer must be on top of a Kitchen Counter
  • The Frying Pan must be on top of an Oven.
  • The Cooking Pot must be on top of an Oven.
  • The kitchen blocks must be connected. For example, you could use the book on the oven, and as long as it is connected to a kitchen counter by other kitchen blocks, you will be able to use the kitchen counter recipes as well as the oven ones.
  • The Fridge can be used to connect kitchen blocks to one another.

The recipe book interface


One of many valid kitchen setups.