Sickles are used to harvest Grass, Wheat and Industrial Hemp. Jade will give the player their first sickle. She will also trade the player for a shears until the Blacksmith is built, at which time the player can buy a new sickle if they lose theirs. Be careful with the upgraded sickle, as it is easy to break more than one intends to. Also, Grass and Industrial Hemp can be harvested from the top block, which will allow the crop to regrow without replanting it.

Upgrades Edit

Tools can be upgraded at the Blacksmith, with Copper Ore , Silver Ore, Gold Ore and Mystril Ore you have collected in the Mines. Cursed tools can also be found in the mines and Tomas will turn them into their blessed counterparts at the Church.

Unlike the Hoe, the sickle cannot be charged and always operates at its maximum range.

Tool Level Range
Sickle basic Stone 1x1
Sickle copper Copper 1x3
Sickle silver Silver 3x2
Sickle gold Gold 3x3
Sickle mystril Mystril 5x5
Sickle blessed Blessed 9x9
Sickle cursed Cursed 9x9
Sickle mythic Mythic 15x15