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The Blacksmith is a building which houses Danieru the Blacksmith. Within it you can talk to Danieru and buy wares from him as well as get him to upgrade your tools.

To upgrade a tool you will need materials found in the Mine. It takes both gold and materials to upgrade or repair a tool. For example, it will take copper to upgrade a hoe to a copper hoe, and copper to repair a copper hoe. Base level tools are repaired for 100 G and 1 stone. If the shop is open, select chat while holding the tool you wish to upgrade/fix. He can only work on one tool at a time.

WARNING: Don't put this too close to other wood buildings, the lava inside will catch them on fire.

Hours Edit

Open 10:00 - 16:00, Friday- Wednesday

Products Edit

  • Brush 800 G
  • Milker 2k G
  • Clippers 1.8k G
  • Hoe 250 G
  • Sickle 250 G
  • Watering Can 500 G
  • Axe 1k G
  • Hammer 1k G
  • Silver Ingot 100 G
  • Lead Ingot 100 G
  • Copper Ingot 100 G
  • Aluminium Ingot 100 G
  • Uranium Ingot 100 G
  • Nickel Ingot 100 G
  • Blast Brick 1k G
  • Redstone Engineering Block 2.5k G
  • Soul Cage 1M G
  • Drawer Controller 5k G
  • Compacting Drawer 5k G
  • Tin Ingot 100 G
  • Sturdy Casting 20k G
  • Bronze Ingot 100 G
  • Quartz Enriched Iron 100 G
  • Machine Casing 25k G
  • Sprinkler 10K - Only on Sundays